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Welcome to the official website of SPS Araria

Admission Notice
Registration & Admission is going on for session 2019-20

Sports and Co-CurricularActivities

  1. House System:- To create an atmosphere of healthy competition and team spirit, most of the schools activities are governed by House system. Inter house competition are held regularly under the house flags.
  2. Blossoming of in habited Talents We exposure the child to hobbies like reading, sketching, singing, dancing, public speaking and gardening and ensure that discipline becomes the second nature of child. Individual and consistent monitoring of every student enables the teacher to recognize the fifed in which a particular child can excel. Children with similar interest and inclinations are grouped together and then the teacher helps them to nurse and cultivate third talents. They are also trained in different fields of life.
  3. Education Tours:-The schools plan picnics and educational tours for the students. They are taken to Historicl places Museums,
  4. Quiz:- Competitions & annual function/sports are held every year.

Detail of Playground
S.N.Name of The Games/SportsTotal Area of Ground
1Badminton13.4 m × 6.1 m = 81.7 Sq. m
2Handball40 m × 20 m = 800 Sq. m
3Kho-Kho27 m × 16 m = 432 Sq. m
4Vollyball18 m × 9 m = 162 Sq. m
5Kabaddi Boys13 m × 10 m = 130 Sq. m
6Kabaddi Girls12 m × 8 m = 96 Sq. m
List of Sports & Games Items
S.N.Detail of Sports and Game MeterialsQuantity
1Volliball Net1
3Iron Pipe2
4Badminton Racket10
6Iron Pipe2
7Carrom Bord2
8Carrom Goti3
10Carram Power2
12Skiping Rope5
14Handball Net2
16Shot Put2